Savoring Sorrento


The perfect way to spend a dreary day?  Beer tasting and dessert eating, of course.

En route to Sorrento Beach on the Mornington Peninsula, a mere hour and a half drive outside Melbourne, one sees hill after rolling hill of vineyards… and sheep.  Lots of sheep.  Tucked among the wineries and farms is Red Hill Brewery–Sole’s and my first stop on our day out.  There I enjoyed a tasting paddle (flight, for you Americans out there) of deliciously crafted Australian beer.



Once at Sorrento Beach, we continued our delectable journey by indulging in the famous vanilla slice.  I am not a big sweets person (besides chocolate, of course), but this was heavenly.  A vanilla slice consists of a thick layer of vanilla custard sandwiched between two layers of flaky crust, topped with powdered sugar.  Just sweet enough.  Mm mm.  Although they can be found in many, if not all, bakeries in Australia, I was advised that this shop has the best, by far.  Living up to their claim as “Sorrento’s Famous Vanilla Slice,” it seems.


After enjoying a stroll through the quaint beach town, another beer overlooking the bay, and a quick photo-op on the beach, we finished our savory journey at Sorrento.  If you want to enjoy Italian food, I recommend this restaurant.  I don’t think I saw a dish that looked anything less than impeccable, and my taste buds haven’t failed me yet either.  The Diabolik pizza I had was exactly what I had been craving and I didn’t even know it.



2 thoughts on “Savoring Sorrento

  1. Very well written! You made me want dessert and of course a beer! Glad you are taking it all in and thanks for sharing. You know I wish I was there. Until next time, safe travels, love you


  2. I guess the next best thing to being in Australia is following you as you experience it. So happy things are going well. Have fun!!


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