Keep Left



Two English, a Scott, and an American get in a car…and have a road trip filled with sightseeing, wine, and kangaroos.  We set off at 9:00 AM for the 243 kilometer (151 mi) drive from Torquay to Warrnambool, along the Great Ocean Road.  The stretch of highway runs along south-eastern Australia with several overlooks to bask in Mother Nature’s beauty.


Most notably along the Great Ocean Road is the Twelve Apostles.  Due to harsh weather conditions and extreme erosion, the limestone was carved into bridges which later collapsed leaving stacks.  Unlike its name, the landmark was only ever composed of nine stacks, eight of which remain after a collapse in 2005.


After completing the westward trek along the Great Ocean Road, we journeyed northward to the Grampians National Park to rest for the night.  Among the fields and fields of sheep, I can finally say I have seen a wild kangaroo!  In almost every span of land or campground or parking lot, there was a troop of kangaroos just hanging out.  And boy, do they come out at night!



Before making our return trip back to Melbourne, we were sure to get in a quick hike.  A 1.8 km (1.11 mi) return hike to Mackenzie Falls was the icing on the cake of our road trip.  Although the return was a steep uphill climb, the view from the pool was amazing.  Please note:  pictures do not do Australian landscapes justice.

Unfortunately, our time in the Grampians National Park was cut short and we had to return home for the workweek.  On the plus side, I will be returning in January with my host family and I could not be more excited to discover the other gems the park has to offer.



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  1. I see writing for a travel magazine in your future!! I may be bias….just saying. You write very well and are so descriptive. So glad you have this opportunity.

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