We came. We stomped. We conquered.

Recall Melbourne Cricket Grounds (MCG) where I witnessed my first Australian Rules football game.


Well, I got a wild hair and decided it’d be a great idea to participate in the Stadium Stomp Challenge.  That’s right!  After a day of celebrating the world’s greatest nation (USA!  USA!  USA!), I woke up to run up, down, and around 7,343 steps.  In the company of members of Carmen Get Fit, the gym I have joined, and hundreds of other Melbournians, I managed to conquer the challenge in 1:12:41.  Not bad, if I say so myself.



I made it my goal to try and beat the man I had been playing “Cat and Mouse” with throughout the afternoon; and I did it!  Here’s to accepting new challenges, setting goals, and achieving them!



2 thoughts on “We came. We stomped. We conquered.

  1. And how did your buns (I’m sure there’s an Australian word for them!) feel after all those steps?? It may have taken me a bit longer but it sounds like fun. Go Dev!!


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