We came. We stomped. We conquered.

Recall Melbourne Cricket Grounds (MCG) where I witnessed my first Australian Rules football game.


Well, I got a wild hair and decided it’d be a great idea to participate in the Stadium Stomp Challenge.  That’s right!  After a day of celebrating the world’s greatest nation (USA!  USA!  USA!), I woke up to run up, down, and around 7,343 steps.  In the company of members of Carmen Get Fit, the gym I have joined, and hundreds of other Melbournians, I managed to conquer the challenge in 1:12:41.  Not bad, if I say so myself.



I made it my goal to try and beat the man I had been playing “Cat and Mouse” with throughout the afternoon; and I did it!  Here’s to accepting new challenges, setting goals, and achieving them!